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DUN1 level complete walk through

This was part of a complete mod, named the Out O Wall. My role on this team was to create the meta story as well as three separate dungeons in which the story plays out. 

The dungeons represent different geographical areas in a fully LOD world we created. 

Each dungeon was differentiated by color, lighting, ai routines, enemies and type of threat. The first being a ghost story in an ancient ruin, in which the player witness the remains of a massacre and must fight off resurrecting ghouls. The second being a military prison in a fortress in which the player must save a prisoner and the last being an open pit mine with a waterfall that runs through it. In the latter, the players goal is top collect specific, custom made ore as well as a jewel. 

Each dungeon can be played through with combat skills or completed with out combat through stealth or finally a combination of the two.

Paj Saraf Level Designer

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DUN2 level complete walk through

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DUN3 level complete walk through

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